On-Going Operations

Year Round

Assistance and support. In addition to acquisition activities and knowledge, staff has vast experience in these areas of expertise, and assists with:


Useful information:

  • THE BIZ BULLETIN - This weekly report is dispatched to all clients every Friday. It is a weekly newsletter of the latest production and distribution announcements - new projects, talent and director updates, changes in companies' corporate structure or personnel plus other pertinent information.
  • MOVIELINE U.S. Box Office Reports contain analysis, screening reports and projections. In addition, clients also receive a long range theatrical release schedule for all major studios and independent distributors in the U.S.

As Needed

Script Analysis.

  • Coverage on all scripts that need special attention due to their timing, strategic partnerships, caliber, and packaging elements is available.

2012 Calendar

Golden Globe Ceremony
- January 15, 2012.

The Sundance Film Festival
- January 19 - 29, 2012.

The Berlin International Film Festival and EFM
- February 9 - 19, 2012.

Academy Awards Ceremony
- February 26, 2012.

Cannes Film Festival and Market
- May 16 - 27, 2012.

- October 31 - November 7, 2012.