Market Preparation

researched and targeted analysis provides clients with product information and advisories in several forms. In addition to tailored reports for specific films and specific territories, all clients receive:

  • PRODUCT GUIDE - This much heralded book is compiled, updated and published by Kelly Green three times a year, prior to the EFM, Cannes and AFM markets. It contains all motion picture availabilities from all major suppliers worldwide in a compact practical format - hundreds of titles for theatrical, DVD, television and digital media licensing. All pertinent buyer information, including a concise storyline, cast, director, start and delivery dates, budget, U.S. distributor, and, when available, asking prices for each client's specific market give clients the tools they need to pre-plan their film market strategies.
  • CURRENT PROJECT REPORT - This comprehensive and timely report is sent to each client as needed. It itemizes all new product, directors, casts, production dates, release dates, etc. It also updates previous product guide information.
  • TARGET ALERT - This targeting tool is also compiled three times a year, prior to EFM, Cannes and AFM. It highlights the productions Kelly feels should be given special attention. The films targeted for each client are carefully reviewed and analyzed with the client as a basis for selecting acquisitions and planning related appointments at an imminent market.